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About MCS

The Muslim Community School and Alim Academy (MCS/AA) is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian educational system that serves the educational needs of students in grades PK (pre-kindergarten) through 12.  The Muslim Community School consists of grades PK – 8, while Alim Academy serves as a college preparatory for students in grades 9 – 12.  We also provide an Early Childhood Department of Montgomery County-licensed pre-school program for young children ages 2 to 4.

MCS/AA enjoys the benefit of being in Montgomery County, Maryland, which is a dynamic community with a strong educational public school district. Our academic program follows the requirements of the State of Maryland and closely follows the curriculum guidelines used in the Montgomery County public school system, including the textbooks that are used in this system.  Coupled with our Islamic studies program of Quran, Islamic Studies (Akhaq, Fiqh, Islam History), and Arabic, our educational system is designed to prepare students for success in this life and in the hereafter.

Our school emphasizes a non-sectarian environment and welcomes diversity among our staff, faculty, and student populations.  We welcome intrafaith collaborations that help to increase brotherhood and sisterhood among all Islamic traditions.

Beginning with academic year 2013-14, the MCS/AA System is undergoing a dramatic transformation designed to create a superior academic and co-curricular environment that makes it the school of choice for Muslim students in the metro area.  InshaAllah, we will focus on everything that has to do with teaching and learning with the intention of achieving excellence in all that we do:

  • Continually focus on the goal of providing an education that meets—if not exceeds—what is provided in other educational systems.

  • Provide skilled teachers and powerful administrators who can inspire and educate our students and serve as role models for them.

  • Use collaborative teaching to enable teachers to focus on ensuring that each and every student succeeds.

  • Maintain an optimum student-teacher ratio

  • Through our Islamic Tarbiyah (development and training) program, teach our students how they should conduct themselves in various aspects that relate to their physical, educational, moral, and spiritual needs so that they grow and become useful parties in the society.

  • Provide relevant and fun co-curricular activities that enable students to experience learning outside of the classroom and to develop strength and confidence in key areas.