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Message from our Principal

As-Salaamu Alaikum,

I proudly consider myself among one of the first groups of alumni that MCS produced.  I attended the University of Maryland and received a B.S. in Elementary Education. I couldn’t wait to return to MCS, which I did upon graduating and taught mostly 4th grade for the next ten years.  At that time, Allah had other plans for me, and along with other members of the Manassas, Virginia, community I started a school for grades Pre-K through 5 which I directed for 8 years.  During that time, I received my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership.

Al-Hamdulillah, Allah opened up another opportunity for me to give back to my school and I joined the MCS team as Assistant Principal in August of 2012 and Principal since January of 2014.  I believe all Muslim children have the right to an Islamic education within an Islamic environment.  If there is any way I can be of assistance to any institution that provides such nurturing and guidance, I thank Allah for giving me the ability to do so.

I have seen many students come and go through the doors and hallways of MCS, including my own, and it is always heart-warming to see the alumni so professional in their demeanor, dress, and interaction with others, as they sing the praises of the impact this school has had on solidifying their Muslim identity. May this institute and all others with the same goals and missions, thrive.

Somayyah Nahidian, M.Ed.