As-Salaamu Alaikum!
We wish our Pre-K students and their families congratulations on (almost) completing their first year of school.  Today we gathered in the Pre-K classroom and heard Quran, songs and poems all around – from their teacher to them, from them to their teacher and then to their parents, and more.

Many prayers of good health and happiness for Sr. Irda, their teacher, who gives so much of her time and herself to be sure her students not only learn but have fun while doing so.  The parents’ appreciation of Sr. Irda was very touching.  She was blessed to have a wonderful, supportive group like yourselves and we are aware of many of the things – and for sure there are many we are not aware of – you came together and did to assist Sr. Irda not just for today but also throughout the year.  This is what will make your children successful in all senses of the word.  When school and home work hand-in-hand the clear benefactors are the children who are the common denominator in both. sides wanting the best for them.

Thank you for a wonderful day today in the presence of your children, yourselves, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers and even an alumna.  Your beautiful children remind us why this whole school thing was set in motion 35 years ago.  May Allah grant it 35 more, iA.

Looking forward to our Pre-k students’ elementary, then middle school and high school graduation, and on…

– Sr. Somayyah Nahidian