The entire Global Classrooms DC team – responsible for organizing the Model UN – chose MCS student, Fatemeh Naghavi, to serve as the Secretary General!! 

Allahu Akbar wa lillahil Hamd!!

Fatemeh has been part of the Model UN club of MCS for 3 years.  She has the leadership skills, writing ability and oratory talent needed for this role, making her the leader of the conference!  She will open the conference with what we hear is a youth-empowering, inspirational speech to hundreds of participants, and she will also be given the last words when she will go back to the microphone to close the program.  Most important of all is Fatemeh will represent not just her family and MCS, but all Muslims in her role as the ‘World Moderator’!  Fatemeh’s speech will also be placed in the conference program booklet – it was that good!!

Al-Hamdulillah!!  We are so thrilled for Fatemeh, for her parents, for MCS, and for her coach, Br. Salahuddeen!!

Our prediction –> Fatemeh will be president one day!