Muslim Community School Invites You To a Parent Workshop/Brunch
When: Sunday, April 28, 2019 @ 10:00 AM in the IEC auditorium
Topic: Raising Muslim Children in the Digital Age: Navigating the Challenges of Social Media & Technology
Fee: None, however donations are appreciated to cover brunch costs
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About the Workshop: We treat the increasing dominance of mobile technology in our world as something inevitable (i.e. that this is the way society is going, and we must simply adopt). But is it?  And even if it is, have we thought critically about the effects that this technology is having on our souls, our psyches, our health, our families, and our communities?  This interactive workshop seeks to explore these issues on the basis of both guidance from the Islamic tradition of akhlaq and tarbiyah and modern research in psychology and behavioral health.  The workshop will also explore “best practices” and suggested solutions for Muslim parents seeking to harness the benefits of these technologies for their children in a way that is compatible with an Islamic lifestyle and Islamic ethics.

About the Presenter: Sayyid Shaan Abbas Rizvi grew up in upstate New York, where he completed his undergraduate education in Government at Cornell University. Thereafter, he obtained his law degree from Cornell Law School and practiced as an attorney in the field of labor and employment law for approximately three years. In 2014, Sayyid Shaan decided to dedicate himself full-time to the pursuit of Islamic knowledge and enrolled in the Islamic Seminary in Chicago, Illinois. He is currently a 5th-year student at the seminary, where he is completing his introductory studies under the tutelage of Sayyid Sulayman Hasan and Shaykh Rizwan Arastu.

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