A HUGE congratulations to our in-school Spelling Bee winners!  

We had 24 students in grades 1 through 8 who were the top three spellers in their classes compete today among each other.  It took over an hour (they were that good!) and 13 rounds to get to the last three stellar spellers…, then two…, then the finalist.  And they are:

1st Place – Nazim Bromund (with $50 cash prize)
2nd Place – Samah Sanad (with a $30 cash prize)
3rd Place – Ehsan Semati (with a $20 cash prize)

Many thanks to Br. Jeffrey who took this school event and saw it through from beginning to end.  We also appreciate the assistance of Br. Salahuddeen, Sr. Nusrat, Sr. Sajidah and Sr. Sara!