We are absolutely gleaming to share the good news from last night’s DC MIST Awards Ceremony!  We are very grateful for the large turnout of our supportive parents – even some who didn’t have children in the competition!

While winning is always great, what truly made us proud this time around was:

a) the strong support and encouragement our experienced MISTers gave their team mates new to MIST – this year we had 11 new members!

b) recognition once again for the team with the best adab!

c) the performance of our very young 7th graders who stood shoulder to shoulder in competition with high school students!

Al-Hamdulillah for such dedicated and committed students at MCS.  They do all the work and deserve the recognition, MashaAllah.
Coming up next, Model UN, Chemathon, the Salat Competition for grades 1 through 5, and MIST Nationals in Baltimore!!