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MCS/ALIM Academy students score a huge victory

Friday Nov 14 MCS students who are members of the Model United Nations Club {MUN}, attended a training conference in Washington, DC.  Nearly 200 students – representing 82 African and non-African countries – from local Washington, DC area public and private schools participated in the conference.  There was so much youthful, focused, collaborative-positive-energy in the conference hall from beginning (9:00am) to end (4:00pm) it’s hard to describe. Best stated: Friday was a fantastic, powerful display of excellent character and academic performance by every member of our club.

The conference topic was: Access to Primary Education in African Union Countries. Students had to represent their assigned countries as delegates (diplomats) debating and exploring possibilities that might help every African nation overcome major hurdles and challenges that deny young children opportunities to learn in their respective countries.  Millions of African children, especially girls, do not have access to primary (basic) education. Friday’s conference was designed to uncover solutions to this challenge by identifying and drawing upon national and international resources that could be used for educational purposes throughout the African continent.


Here is how the conference ended:

Out of 82 attending delegations (students representing 82 United Nation member countries), conference organizers awarded 5 honorable mention certificates to the “5 best delegations.”  Two of the certificates were presented to MCS/Alim.  The two MCS delegations who received certificates were: Egypt and Eritrea.  There were 2 members in each delegation (except MCS had one delegation with three representatives).  MCS had 7 delegations in the conference who represented 7 different African nations/countries (Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Sudan).  Every one of our school’s delegations were outstanding!  They all worked very hard presenting – orally and in writing – their ideas and hopes that might help Africa improve its dismal, heartbreaking failure regarding lack of education in this resource-rich continent.  They were excellent “diplomats” yesterday.  Should I say: Look out world!  MCS/Alim Academy’s diplomatic training aimed at making our world better for everyone and everything is in high gear.

Congratulations to each and every one of Muslim Community School/Alim Academy’s MUN club members. They were outstanding!