Salaamu Alaikum 4th through 11th grade MCS Students and Parents,

The 4th through 11th grade Science Fair day is Friday, February 21st.  Please find the Science Fair Packet and Supplemental Information attached.  The supplement includes:
1.  Key tips on what content the poster should contain;
2. Samples posters and do’s and don’ts;
3. Oral presentation guidelines and the rubric judges use.

The most important thing to remember while doing this activity is to have fun doing it.  Find a scientific problem or area you really want to find out more about.  In this way you will automatically be more enthusiastic and motivated to get it done, and you will present your findings with a stronger sense of ownership over all you have learned.

We look forward to seeing this all come together for each of you and a record number of participants going on to the county science fair as well.  Of course, all science teachers are available for guidance and help



31st Science Fair Packet 2019

Supplementary package 2019