Attached please find the Science Fair Packet for students in grades 4 through 11.  We believe challenging students to go beyond textbook studying and workbook completion is vital to their education process.  This fair requires students to prepare and execute the presentation of a project of their choice.  It demands strong work ethics, responsibility and parent/teacher support – all of which we feel empowers a child for many future endeavors.
We are working to create an advisory committee made up of community members – possibly meaning YOU – who will make themselves available to assist students in their project planning, especially in the fields of engineering and biological sciences.  Please let us know if you can serve in that capacity and we will arrange some times that brief meetings can take place between you and the students needing you.
We thank all of our science teachers for their efforts in bringing their subject matter within the comprehension and interest sparking range of our students.
Please note that the attached Supplemental Package, although dated 2017, can still be used.

30th annual science fair packet

Supplementary package 2017