In His Holy Name Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim


April 2,, 2019 – Rajab 26, 1440

Dear Friends, Sisters, and Brothers –

As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu’Allah,

On behalf of Muslim Community School’s {MCS} 35 year old history in addition to the continuation of its moral and academic educational mission, you are invited to become a contributing member of:

“Muslim Community School’s

Seventeen Cents ($.17) a Day Club!”

If you are asking yourself: What is the Seventeen Cents a Day Club all about?  What is its aim and goal?  Who will benefit if I become a member of this club?  And why only $.17 cents each day?  Here’s the answer to your questions:

1)     The club wants every person who cares about Muslim Community School as a leading educational institution in our community to help support its mission.  Keeping the contribution modest (this is a minimum request) is an effort that assures everyone can participate in it.  Seventeen cents each day is hardly a burden for anyone.

2)     Becoming a club member will help the school meet its operational expenses.  For example, the contributions will be used to purchase textbooks; to purchase electronic and computer-based software, hardware, and equipment; to purchase supplies and equipment to further expand the school’s science lab; to purchase office supplies; to purchase copy machines and computers; to purchase sports equipment; to provide security personnel to insure student and staff-safety, and much more.

3)     The primary beneficiaries of your becoming a club member are the school’s students.  Unlike many Muslim/Islamic schools in America, MCS’s program of studies starts at pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.  After completing their high school studies (graduating), students enroll in local, regional, and national colleges and universities to further their studies.  MCS has distinguished itself as a very influential private school that “feeds” higher educational institutions with outstanding young adult students.

4)     Keeping the donation-appeal at $.17 cents per-day is “relaxing; comforting; unintimidating; liberating; and of course, achievable.”  We, everyone in our community, needs to feel like he/she is contributing to our institutional development and growth.  We need to encourage, cultivate, build, and sustain a collective spirit and mindset wherein our institutional life-line is a responsibility of each and every one of us.  Our institutional success or failure belongs to all of us.  We need to work much harder to break the vicious cycle that makes room for “privatization of our community-serving institutions.”   A school like Muslim Community School from day one has and remains a strong pillar of morality and academic excellence.  This is well known not only locally and regionally, but nationally and internationally.

Finally, kindly join the club.  Become a member of this important club.  Try to set aside seventeen cents a day for a noble cause.  And if possible, try not to overthink your willingness to become a member.  We all know the importance of education and learning.  Our beloved Messenger and Prophet, Muhammad (sawa), constantly encouraged Muslims to keep learning; keep studying; keep thinking; keep refining and empowering one’s mental and behavioral capacity.  This is what’s at the heart and soul of the “$.17 Cents a Day Club.” To make your donation, visit the school’s website ( and click on the Donation tab. You will be directed to a PayPal link to process your one time or recurring monthly donation.  Based on a thirty day calculation, the monthly donation at seventeen cents per day equals $5.10.   Over a 12 month period, the donation totals $61.20.  Kindly join the club.  It’s a very small investment with a huge dividend return, Insha’Allah.