We hope you are all doing well.  Please make note of how to make tuition payments now that the school building is closed:

**Our preferred option**
1)  –> You can use a credit or debit card and pay through PaySimple on Gradelink  (requires you to know your Gradelink log in which we can provide you).

Gradelink: https://secure.gradelink.com/Gradelink

School ID: 1299

Username and password provided via email.

For any questions on this process please email snahidian@mymcs.org

2) You can pay via PayPal on our school website – http://www.mymcs.org/pay-tuition/


Please let us know the following by sending an email to  snahidian@mymcs.org , so we can keep a record:
1) how you will submit payment, and
2) what date you will send it; and
3) in what amount.  (If you do not know your amount, please send whatever your last payment was.)


Thank you